Josh Ewing Trio



Cover: Free

The Josh Ewing Trio is a new grouping of young musicians whose names and faces may be familiar to the music fans of Mobile, AL. Formed in Mobile in February of 2009, the group is comprised of Josh Ewing (lead vocals/ guitar), David “Farm” Farmani (bass), and Clay Bates (drums/ vocals).

Josh Ewing, born into a U.S. Navy family and now residing in Mobile, has been playing locally for the last seven years with such acts as Kangol Cowboy and Phar Fletcher as well as performing many solo acoustic shows throughout the area. Josh has been influenced deeply by the music of Incubus and cites them as a key ingredient of his own writing style. Some of his other influences include Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Elvis, NOFX, and Bush. Josh’s lighthearted approach to music gives this group its sense of humor and freedom on-stage.
David “Farm” Farmani, from Mobile, AL, has been performing in Mobile and throughout the Southeast since the age of 17. Now 23, Dave has played with such local bands as Goodnight Julia, The Jon Maddox Band, and Phar Fletcher. Dave claims artists such as The Beatles, Big Star, Incubus, Cynic, Jeff Buckley, and Chris Cornell as some of his major musical influences. These influences help Dave to create his sticky grooves and can easily be seen in his approach to the electric bass.

Clay Bates, from Ardmore, OK, has been living and playing in and around the Mobile music scene for the past three years. Clay has played with such local acts as Gretsch and The Modern Eldorados, Adelle, The Jon Maddox Band, and currently with Phar Fletcher. Clay’s musical influences include the music of Black Sabbath, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dennis Chambers, Dwight Yoakam, and Pavement. Clay is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in Theatre which occasionally comes through in his onstage antics.

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