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Lisa Mills has remained one of the Gulf Coast’s brightest musical stars. Mills has taken her soulful blues sounds worldwide and has shared the stage and/or studio with artists such as Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Andy Fairweather Low, Junior Wells and Dr. John.
The singer-songwriter has now taken on a new project that has roots in the past. Recently, Mills decided to “reclaim” her debut album “I’m Changing,” which she sees as an unfinished album. Mills cites a variety of reasons for going back to her debut. She received much encouragement from constant requests for copies of the out-of-print album. A group of friendly investors also felt the need for Mills to revisit “I’m Changing.” Ultimately, undeniable fate became the biggest factor in this project.
“It was between doing a gospel CD based on my family hymnal, which once belonged to my great-grandmother. It would be a tribute to my mother, who passed away a couple of years ago or to do an album of new material or to finish ‘I’m Changing,’” Mills explained. “It became evident to me that I needed to finish ‘I’m Changing,’ before I get to anything new.”
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